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Mogra Children’s Home (MCH)

Mogra Children’s Home (MCH) was founded in 2003 and later registered with the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development (Children Department) Charitable Children Institution regulations (2005). Initially, the Home was meant to take care of children from Mogra Star Academy.  This was after realization that many children attending school were left homeless or with less or unreliable adult supervision when their parents or guardians died, became very ill or was unable to meet their basic needs due to unemployment.


Mogra Star Academy

Mogra Star Academy was opened by Hannah Njoroge in 1998 in Mathare. Hannah had lived in Mathare and understood the plight of the underprivileged children whose parent could not afford to take them to school. She started a low fees school targeting slum children. Initially, the school admitted 300 children for both primary and secondary school. All the children were fee paying and fees collected used run to the school. Gradually Hannah was made aware of many more children who were left out of school due to lack of the low fees.

Faith Believers Gospel Ministry

We value the spiritual growth of the children as stipulated in our mission. We encourage children to attend church every Sunday for spiritual nourishment.

Reverend Hannah Njoroge is the minister at FBGM. This is where the children from the orphanage and those from the school attend Sunday church services. She is committed to teaching people the word of faith that sets them free from bondage of the mind, to understand themselves that God want them to succeed through faith.

How you can Help

You can support our efforts in many ways such as :

Donate funds

Pay a visit


Our Programmes

Provision of a free education

Mogra Star Academy offers freePre-Primary, Primary and Secondary education for underprivileged children from Mathare slums and its environs. We provide children with learning materials such as stationery, uniforms and other items to make sure that the children are not turned away home. Mogra raises funds to pay the teachers, provide food and other basic learning facilities. We target children who are left out of the government mainstream education and are likely to remain away from school.

Care for orphans

Mogra Children Home cares for orphans and vulnerable children within Nairobi and its environs. As a registered Charitable Children Institution, we offer a caring and a loving family environment for the children. This helps them to become independent and responsible citizens in their future.

Latest News

Thursday, 29 October 2015
We are happy for having matched many children with parents through adoption. The happiness of these children is our goal and seeing them guaranteed of a bright future is our absolute goal. Read More...
Completion of the Building at the orphanage
Thursday, 29 October 2015
This has been a major goal that the home has been looking forward Read More...
Family Fun Day
Thursday, 29 October 2015
Last August, the children were treated to a very exciting expedition. Children were taken to an amusement park where they had different games. A sumptuous lunch was prepared for them and everyone enjoyed. In the afternoon, everyone went swimming. It was such fun as everyone was... Read More...

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