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Mogra Children’s Home (MCH) was founded in 2003 and later registered with the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development (Children Department) Charitable Children Institution regulations (2005). Initially, the Home was meant to take care of children from Mogra Star Academy.  This was after realization that many children attending school were left homeless or with less or unreliable adult supervision when their parents or guardians died, became very ill or was unable to meet their basic needs due to unemployment. Many of such children were left in school when their colleagues went home after school. A small home set up was established just near the school to cater for the then small number of those who were homeless. Later the number of children increased to 116 children. This prompted the founder to raise fund to build a spacious and permanent facility. In 2009, the home relocated to Muthaiga North, along Kiambu road where it is now situated. Mogra Children’s Home now receives children from different backgrounds ranging from orphans, abandoned, neglected and other related cases from within Nairobi and its environs.

Mogra Children Rescue Center is dedicated to providing a loving, safe, caring, religious environment for abandoned and orphaned children in Kenya while upholding the principle of Non-discrimination and other principles governing rights of a child. The home is committed to inspire and encourage each child to strive towards taking their rightful place in Kenyan society and the world at large and become good citizens.


Empowering the under privileged children with life skills, education and good morals in order to have a bright future and become dependable members of their community


To ensure that under privileged children; orphans, destitute and poor children are not segregated. To provide an ideal family environment, offering the best services, shelter, education, love and care for every child, creating a relationship with their God and create an opportunity for each child to excel in their areas of interest while keeping them in touch with their community

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