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Who founded Mogra?

Mogra was established in 1998 by Reverend Hannah Njoroge. Mogra started as a slum school offering free education to those who were left out of mainstream education due to extreme poverty. Mogra Children’s Home was later established to take care of orphans and vulnerable children.

Why free education, hot lunch and breakfast

Despite education being free, there are many children left out of the government mainstream education. Many children in slums must be followed up, be provided with basic needs so that they can stay in school and learn.You will also realize that many parents in the slum will wake up every morning to go in search for casual employment. There may be no time to follow up on their children’s education or even encourage the children to go to school. Our social workers work to ensure that children are attending school regularly. Children will not go to school if they are sure they will not have a meal. This is why we provide free education and the most needed follow up on the children.

What is the capacity of Mogra Children’s Home and Mogra Star Academy?

The numbers of children who are admitted to the children’s home vary from time to time. This is because we have temporary admission, adoptions and reintegration going on all the time. Currently the home has a population of 206 children but our maximum capacity is 220 children. Mogra Star Academy has a population of 1156 children from Pre-Primary to Secondary school who attend school daily and live with their families.

Where do children go?

Babies who qualify for adoption are matched with parents. Others are reintegrated back to their relatives while others are fostered within Kenya as stipulated by the law. We help older children who complete school secure employment and live independently within the community as adults.

Who funds Mogra?

Mogra mainly depends on individuals and corporate partners. We also have well-wishers who regularly support us by donating whenever we call for fund raising events. Others also give donations in kind in terms of different items and foodstuffs. Mogra also source for funds from other donor organizations to keep its programs operational.

What is the Process of Adoption really like

The Adoption process in Kenya is a legally established Process that is undertaken through registered Adoption Societies/Agencies. It is facilitated by the Children’s Department and the Kenya Children's Court.

Prospective adoptive parents must however comply with the necessary requirements as required by the law.

After approval, the adoption Agency will send a file to any Children’s Home with a report recommending and requesting that the parents be matched with specific child/children as agreed. After the matching, the other process will be between the Adoption Agency, The Children’s Department and the Children’s Court.

Which are the Adoption Societies/Agencies that facilitate adoption?

We direct adoptive parents to agencies that are registered here in Kenya. We have the following Agencies in Kenya, (check their websites); Kenya Children’s Home (KCH or Barnados), Kenya to Kenyan’s People Initiative (KPPI), Little Angels Network, Buckner Kenya and Child Welfare Society of Kenya.

Is Adoption Process a long process?

Adoption in Kenya may take six to nine months but it highly dependent on the individual’s commitment in providing the required documentation and the court proceedings (see our adoption page for more info)

How Much does it Cost?

There is a standard fee for adoptions in all the adoption societies/agencies. The the court process has a fee which depends on your lawyer. Most agencies will refer you to a lawyer that they have worked with

How can I help?

There are many ways you can help. In Mogra we say there is no any amount of kindness is too small. You can do a once off donation of funds or in kind (items), volunteer, start a project, volunteer professional and technical expertise just to mention but a few. Just contact us and we are always ready to provide you with the information that you need

Where do we find children (See Babies Unit)

Why children are abandoned and who abandon them

First, the teenage girls who are in colleges who do not want their parents to know they bore children while in college/campus. The fear of embarrassing, discouraging the parents who have worked hard to pay college fees force them to abandon children. Some also fear being repelled by parents and relatives while other feel a baby will hinder them from ‘enjoying life’

There are children who are born out of wedlock by married mothers who would not want their spouses to know. They give birth and abandon the babies in health facilities. Some offer them for adoption

Others may be abandoned just because the mothers are not committed to bring them up. The twilight girls may abandon their babies just to keep them ‘busy in businesses.’

Babies born with disabilities of any type are likely to be abandoned.

Poverty is also a contributor. Some mothers will not wait to see their children grow without the most basic needs. They would rather abandon them and forget. Some genuine ones may offer them for adoption in what is called mother offer.

Are abandoned children normal children?

Abandoned children are normal children except that they don’t have parents near them. Their milestones may be missed but they eventually recover and grow just like the normal children.


Toddlers unit

All babies above 24 months are graduated from the babies unit to the toddlers unit. At this time, many of them are learning how to talk, walk, play and do the normal things. If children have missed their milestones, they may stay a bit longer at the babies unit until they catch up.

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