Mogra College Programme

This programme is set up in line with the regulatory authority that all charitable children institution will exit all children who celebrate their 18th birthday in the home.

Introduction: Scope and Intent of the Policy

Mogra Children Home understands that our role is care and protection of children. We acknowledge that with time depending with each specific child’s case the children under our care will leave the home at one point. Either still as children or young Adults (for those who attain the 18th birthday while still at the home) this being the reason why the home has put in place different exit structures that include adoption, guardianship, reintegration back to community among others as directed.

Modus operandi

This programme will focuses on children who complete form four. Students will present fees structures from their respective colleges. The home will then budgets for the fees guided by the following;

  1. Amount of college fees payable per term or year depending on how many semesters per year
  2. Number of students to be enrolled
  3. Number of students already in the programme and estimated time of completion
  4. Other requirements such as text books and stationeries as well as equipment if any and uniforms where applicable.
  5. Daily expenses such as transport and lunch will be factored in

Payment Procedures and record keeping

  • All funds will be drawn from the college fund
  • After students present the fees structure, the home will visit the college to ascertain the details such as semester start and end dates and class schedules
  • A cheque will be drawn in favor of the college and given to the student to pay.
  • No cash payments will be issued to students to pay college fees
  • The home will make arrangements to purchase the required items
  • Students will present their community work forms to be issued with transport and any other college related expense
  • Students will be required to sign up for any money issued to them and present receipts
  • Records will be posted for reference

Choice of College

Students who perform well will find space in public universities and colleges. These students may be eligible for HELB and bursaries hence pay for partially for the courses they are enrolled for. Normally, the Ministry of Education sets the grades required for students to attain to be enrolled in various universities for different courses. Others can look for colleges depending on their performance and the type of courses they want to pursue.

Mogra may decide what course a student will undertake depending on the funds available. In this case, a decision may be reached on specific colleges that students may attend to minimize cost and accommodate everyone.

Selection criteria for Grantees

All students who complete high school in Mogra Home are eligible to join the programme. Mogra reserves the right to evaluate eligibility depending on discipline, hard work and other factors that it deems necessary on case to case basis.

Selection Committees

This programme will be managed as part of core programmes in the home. Mogra may establish a committee that will manage the programme. The committee will include the directors and any other persons they may appoint. The work of the committee will be to monitor the students who are enrolled in the programme to make sure that they complete their courses. The committee will also foresee the fund raising aspect for the programme and make policies from time to time to manage the programme. It may also recommend changes to the programme whenever necessary.

Application and Nomination Process

Students will apply for the scholarship formally and agree to the rules and regulations that are set to govern the programme. Children who are outside Mogra may not be eligible for this programme unless the committee approves their application.

Giving back to the community

All students in college are encouraged to give back to the community. This is to instill a sense of responsibility and also give experience to the students. All students who need stipends will be assigned work and this is where they will earn the stipends for transport, lunch and other expenses. Those who abscond duty will be reprimanded and disciplinary action taken.

Accommodation during scholarship

The students will stay in the home as they continue with their studies. Students may also be admitted to colleges where accommodation is available but will be free to come to Mogra which is their home. The home will organize for alternative accommodation whenever necessary.

Monitoring students

The home has seen the importance of monitoring students under scholarship programme. It serves the following purposes.


A college fund account will be set up from which Mogra will draw cheques to the colleges and account for any other funds drawn from the account. Donors to this programme will be free to scrutinize all financial statements for this account to guarantee;

  1. Guaranteed performance
  2. Ensure class attendance
  3. Avoid exploitation of donors by the students with endless demands
  4. Avoid students sending incorrect information to the sponsors

Each of the above is explained here below

Guaranteed performance

Students will perform well when they know back in their mind that continued support depends on their performance which is being monitored.

Ensure class attendance

The home can visit the school and confirm that the students are attending their classes as required.

Avoid exploitation of donors by the students with endless demands

In the past, donors wanted students to write to them directly. This resulted to students giving those unnecessary demands and wrong information. This becomes costly to the donors and also destroys good relationship with Mogra. All demands will be forwarded to Mogra for scrutiny and sent to the donors through Mogra official email address.

Giving back to the community

All students who receive the scholarship funding will be required to give back to the community. From this, they will get the monies that they require for transportation and other college related expenses. Mogra will plan with the students to complete certain number of hours of work at the home such as helping with daily routines in the kitchen, baby care, cleaning and washing, farming among others. This will make them responsible and also make sure that students learn how to work.

Funding of the programme

Mogra may partner with individuals donors, donor organizations, corporate among others to fund this programme. By agreeing to fund this programme, they will also agree to other rules and regulations formulated to safeguard the integrity of the institution and the beneficiaries of the programme. Donors will be allowed to scrutinize the programme and make recommendations. They can also visit the colleges where the students are learning at.

Fund raising and volunteer fund raising

Person of goodwill who would wish to funds this programme will be encouraged to so.
An agreement will then be signed between Mogra and the funder. This is to avoid previous situations where funds raised to help children at Mogra have been diverted to help children that are not beneficiaries.


Every semester, the students will be required to file their academic reports at the office. On completion, the students will file copies of their certificates at the office.